Wild Arkansas

August 25, 2008

Wild Arkansas: M. pendula growing in Lowell

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This fruit is growing wild in the Lowell area.

I’ve eaten the fruit before it changed color and it’s very good. Once the color changes, the skin softens and the inside becomes quite mushy.

I tried one after it had darkened and it is rancid! Not only did it burn my mouth, but the flavor is so pungent, it overwhelms.

Be careful if you’re eating wild fruit. It could be poisonous.


For more information about this plant, check out Deane Green’s information page on Melothria Pendula

and watch the video.



  1. what is this plant? I have it growing in my back yard. We have kids playing back there all the time and don’t want any of them to eat something poisonous. Please respond to chrys.kendall@yahoo.com

    Thank You.

    Comment by Chrys Kendall — August 26, 2008 @ 7:07 pm

  2. Melothria pendula aka Guadeloupe Cucumber. Reports differ. Some say it’s edible, while others say the berries are toxic. One says the plant is a purgative.

    I’ve been eating the plant for a couple of weeks. I think as long as you don’t eat the dark fruit it’s fine. Also watch for allergies. Remember, whenever eating a plant from the wild test it first to see if there are any adverse reaction. Either lightly taste first or rub a small part of the meat of the fruit on your skin.

    Any reaction at all you should stay away from it. Also it would help to have a local expert who could help identify the plant.

    Comment by maturehealth — August 26, 2008 @ 7:57 pm

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