Wild Arkansas

October 14, 2008

A walk around

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Jack and I went on a walk today just to see what we would find. The photo above shows him posing in front of some fleabane. We took quite a few pics, so I’m going to share a few here. Enjoy.

The fruit of the passionflower, the maypop is almost past its prime. Here, it twined along quite a bit of the fence. We had passionflower throughout the summer, but also enjoyed the fruit in limited quantities.

One of the monster dock plants growing around Lowell. I collect the newest leaves, but I’ve read that the larger leaves can be used as a potherb.

Local Muellin. This specimen is growing a bit strange with one stalk growing off the parent stalk.

Fleabane. One of the flowers of the Erigernon genus.


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