Wild Arkansas

September 25, 2010

Veteran’s Memorial Park/Lake Fayetteville

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common mullein

If you’re a wild food enthusiast, this is a good time to visit Veteran’s Memorial Park.

Here are a  few finds from spending just a little more than an hour.

Chinkapin/Ozark Chestnut


Black Walnut

Persimmon (fruit)

Acorn (Red & White)

Dandelion (leaf & flower)

Allium (aerial parts/leaf)

Dwarf Sumac (berries)

Evening Primrose (flower)

Pine (and juniper berries)

Plantago (leaf and root)

Mullein (flower and leaf)


August 3, 2010

ID Tip: Poison Sumac

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Poison Sumac (Rhus vernix) is the only species of sumac with a smooth leaf magin. The others have distinctive toothing/dentation.

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