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This is a short list of tools, articles and other resources on the web I found helpful. If you have links you think should be included in this list please let me know or leave in comments.

Local classes/workshops/walks

Jackie Dill of Oklahoma Wildcrafting offers annual walks corresponding to the seasons.


Ozark Tracker Society offers regular workshops, classes and more. Check out their classes page.



10-Step Plan to improve plant id skills

Botany Everyday – plant talks/lectures, video and more from Mark Williams, using Thomas Elpel’s book, Botany in a Day. Definitely worth exploring.

Edible Wild Plant bibliography by Russ Cohen
Excellent list of book titles on foraging and wild edible plants.

Botany and Horticulture (Morphology)

Plant parts, structure and function

Study Guide on Wikibooks

Plant Anatomy

Horticultural Basics and Plant ID

Plant structure glossary

Plant families from the author of Botany in a Day

Plant Morphology chart and terminology

V Plant Glossary includes plates from Fourth Edition of Plants of the Chicago Region by Swink and Wilhelm (1994).  Most excellent resource for leaf identification.


Tree Identification from Michigan State University
Excellent resource for tree huggers 🙂

Tree ID at ArborDay.org

Dendrology at Virginia Tech
Everything about trees.

Additional Resources A smattering of books and video at Amazon for foraging and wildcrafting.


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